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A Leap of faith

Hi My name is Szymon Daniel Maciejewski, but you can call me Si-mo-on.


I originate from Poland and have travelled through most of Europe in my life.

Thankfully, in my profession as a Chef, the language barrier is limited due to the globalisation of specific terms in the kitchen environment.



This allowed me to visit and try various types of traditional cuisines and learn and connect with the dishes created locally by the best possible chefs.


The production of a dish starts with farming or gathering ingredients from suppliers, and through a process, we call Food Chain.To produce any dish in a restaurant, hotel, or home, this food chain's elements must be strong and connected.


One night, the small country people went to sleep peacefully and woke up to the sounds of enemy missiles and the news of their country being invaded the next day.


It has been one of the most terrible and ruthless acts. We cannot sit by and watch this happen to our fellow brothers and sisters. Even when thousands of people have died, most of them stayed back to fight for their country, their rights, freedom and families.


Now, it’s our turn to stand together and support those in need.”


Millions of people have been forced to flee. Numerous families and children were made homeless and orphaned. The conflict has brought about an urgent need for food, water and shelter especially for children. 


I believe that it is our responsibility to stand up for the people who can’t and offer a helping hand to those in need. By overcoming my fear of heights, I hope to inspire people to take a step forward and offer help because I wholeheartedly believe that even the smallest actions can have the most impactful results.


In response to the emergency, I am committed to raising funds for the unfortunate, affected families and individuals in the conflict.


The funds raised from this event shall be redirected to the Unicef. 


This is the least we can do for them.

Young Woman Running
Image by sporlab

5ok at 50- By Naomi Mcadam


We all know someone with it,   But do we actually realise the affect it has on people’s lives? I personally know 2 people my husband & my father- in -law & I’d never really taken in how much it affects lives, the change of diet, the blood tests, possible sight loss, loosing feeling in your feet & fingers to name just a few of the affects. 

Pancreatic cancer is also a possible link with diabetes my Mum had diabetes, she also developed pancreatic cancer which sadly she could not beat. 

Mum did fund raising for diabetes & so for her & everyone else, I’d like to do my bit……. 

I would be really grateful for any donation small or other wise to help spur me on! And to proof to those that think I have lost the plot - I WILL do THIS!!! 

Thank you 🙏😊